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Master Thesis Internship - Software Development

MASTER THESIS - Runtime destruction
Pre-calculated destruction models give great visual result when the runtime event replicates the simulated scene. However in a dynamic world they can appear static and repetitive. Dynamically breaking geometry in runtime based on a random event will add variation and realism to the scene. This project investigates acceleration structures for runtime physics calculations as well as algorithms for splitting up geometry in realtime.
Task includes:

  • Evaluate new existing destruction techniques while considering image quality and runtime performance.
  • Implement the chosen technique in a sandbox environment to prove performance and scalability.
  • Investigate necessary changes needed to integrate the new technique into the current system.
The Master Thesis is a non-paid and temporarily employment . The Master Thesis needs to be associated with a University education or any other type of education that has an Master Thesis or internship period planned into the education plan. Please consider this before applying and potentially move to Stockholm, Sweden. During this process you may be asked to perform an work assignment. Please apply online with a CV and Cover letter.

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Job Title

Master Thesis Internship - Software Development


Stockholm, Sweden


Non Paid





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